Ayurveda the Science of Life


Ayurveda is an ancient natural healing system originating in India that has been practiced for thousands of years. This healing path believes that each person has a unique path toward wellness and treats each person as a unique individual. The goal of an Ayurvedic program is to create within your body and mind an optimal environment for healing to take place. This is accomplished through adjustments to lifestyle, diet, and through other natural modalities

Initial Consultation

The Ayurvedic health journey begins with a questionnaire for you to complete. Once completed, an Initial Consultation is scheduled. This typically lasts 2 hours in duration. It is a thorough review of your body’s functional history, as well as collecting information regarding your constitution and imbalances. After this initial consultation, Sharon takes the information collected, researches your unique constitution and imbalances, and puts together a wellness plan to help you incorporate Ayurveda into your life. This information is shared at the Report of Findings meeting. From there, consistent meetings to monitor the plan, counsel on challenges, and continue working the plan are held.

Report of Findings

The "Report of Findings" (ROF) provides the client with a detailed Ayurvedic report that includes the identification of prakruti and vikruti and preventative medicine solutions.  The client will gain a better understanding of "who they are".  With this knowledge, the Ayurvedic Practitioner will recommend preventative medicine solutions.  These recommendations will be specifically tailored for the client based on their unique physical, mental, and spiritual makeup.

Follow Up Visit

A "Follow Up Visit" (FUV) is intended to asses the continued implementation of the various recommendations the Ayurvedic Practitioner will provide.  The FUV will also provide continued support and counsel.  The Practitioner can also make additional lifestyle recommendations to further facilitate the client's path into Ayurveda.